Reference: Koymans, M.R., Langereis, C.G., Pastor-Galan, D., and van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., An online multi-platform open source environment for paleomagnetic data analysis, Computers and Geosciences, Volume 93, Pages 127–137 (2016)

Oroclinal Test: Home

The oroclinal tests uses bootstrapped (Gaussian or Standard) linear regressive techniques to determine the relationship between bi-dimensional data (e.g. strike and declination).

Data can be loaded to the application by clicking the button above. The required input format can be viewed by clicking the ?-button.

Oroclinal Test Linear Regression

The oroclinal test does a linear regression on the provided data and calculates confidence bounds through Gaussian or standard sampling within the specified uncertainties.

Standard sampling and Gaussian sampling are bootstrapped. Choose the type of sampling for your data below.