Change Summary <20>

The release of Paleomagnetism 2.0.0 exists in parallel with the old application. The old version may have some additional features in the statistics portal that were removed in this version. This version of focuses on raw demagnetization data and its provenance, and may therefore be more limited in what it allows.


  • General redesign and improvement of the application has been completed.
  • Added option to drag files in to the Interpretation, Statistics, and Geography portal screens for loading.
  • Possible to easily switch between groups in the interpretation fitting tab.
  • Different groups saved from the interpretation portal in a single file are split in to different collections.
  • Added option to stabilize parametrically sampled directions by bootstrapping.
  • Metadata in the interpretation portal is now collected on the specimen level.
  • Added stabilizing function to parametric sampling through a bootstrap.
  • Added MagIC portal where 2.0.0 files can be converted to MagIC files.
  • Added support for reading MagIC files in the interpretation portal.
  • Implemented keyboard shortcuts for A95, a95 confidence and switching between coordinate reference frames.
  • Support for extended metadata (e.g. specimen location, lithology) per specimen.
  • Map & APWP module from the statistics portal were moved to the geography portal.
  • Magnetostratigraphy tool was moved to the geography section.
  • The magnetostratigraphic column is now rendered automatically from the polarity of the inclination.
  • Added option to upload custom plate rotations from a GPlates .rot file.
  • Added option to add APWP from a csv file.
  • Core and bedding parameters can now be changed within the application.
  • In the statistics portal coordinate frame can now be switched between using the key 8.
  • Confidence ellipse can be toggled between A95 and α95 using keyboard key 5.
  • Added option to copy to clipboard, delete, and save a collection using keys e, q, and s respectively.
  • Added a data library where demagnetization data can be added.
  • Demagnetization data from the 1.0.0 format can be loaded.
  • Support for better data management practises. Only curated data with a clear provenance can be used and published using the application.
  • Added DOI for particular each software version release (see bottom of page or references).
  • The application is only accessible through HTTPS.
  • Added HTTP API to query data from the library at
  • Added new table under interpretation portal showing interpreted components.


  • PGL Beijing importing is now handled by the same routine as University of Barcelona.
  • Zijderveld diagram now shows true angle and axes are scaled by chart width/height ratio.
  • Declination correction for BCN2G format is now handled by adding the value to the core azimuth.
  • Fixed exporting of compiled figures with multiple charts.


  • McFadden and McElhinny CTMD test has been removed in favor of a coordinate bootstrap.