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A changelog for the application can be found here. Source Code & License

The source code for 2.0.0 is available as a public repository on GitHub and we welcome contributions in any form. The code is licensed under MIT and can be freely used, modified, and shared. Included libraries have widely varying licenses and must be respected.


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Offline (Local) Version

A local version of the application can be downloaded from the GitHub Releases Page. To run the application locally, unpack the zipped files and open any index.html file in your browser. Features that require an internet connection cannot be used in offline mode.


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Mathijs R. Koymans

Mathijs received his MSc degree in geophysics in 2015 at Utrecht University and is the main developer of He is currently employed as a PhD candidate in the NEWTON-g H2020 project at the Nederlands Metereologisch Instituut (KNMI).

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Cor G. Langereis

Cor obtained his PhD in 1984 at Utrecht University and has been an ardent paleomagnetist ever since, from 1995 as head of the Paleomagnetic laboratory Fort Hoofddijk, and from 1999 as full professor. Cor remains fascinated by the Earth's magnetic field recorded in the geological archive, and all its applications in dating, tectonics, and more.

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Daniel Pastor-Galán

Daniel earned his PhD degree in Geology from Salamanca University in 2012, worked as a post-doc at Fort Hoofddijk until 2016 and is currently Assistant Professor at Tohoku University, Japan. His research is focused on using multi-disciplinary tools to understand tectonic processes, orogenic curvature, paleogeography and plate kinematics.

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Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen

Douwe received his PhD degree in Geology from Utrecht University in 2004, subsequently worked at universities in the UK and Norway, and is currently Full Professor, Chair in Global Tectonics and Paleogeography in Utrecht. He specializes in plate and paleogeography reconstructions, especially of intensely deformed convergent margins.

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Bram Vaes

Bram works as a Junior Researcher in the Mantle Dynamics and Theoretical Geophysics group. His research mainly focuses on developing new global plate motion reference frames. This includes building a new paleomagnetic reference frame, in which plate motions are described relative the Earth's spin axis, and developing new ways to model global absolute plate motions (i.e. plate motions relative to the deep mantle) back in geological time.